CPACGP Events - August 3, 2002

Thanks to everyone for coming out to Lancaster, PA for the third Central PA ClubGP meet! We had a great time! As you can see, we welcomed an RSX Type-S guest (Andy, Allen's friend) and it looks like the Acura had fun hanging out with the Grand Prixs :-) Enjoy the pics!

Checking out Mark's sweet graphics
Jason Gardner's GP
Sexy booties :)
Mark Brullo's dash overlays
Chris Reinacher's boom-booms
"open wide..."
"say AAAAAA"
Yeah baby!
Mark's '97 - looks brand new
"...and I almost grabbed her boobs"
Allen K.
I think Nikki is bored :)
(Jason Gardner's girlfriend)
Starting from left: Nick Orgera, Jon Carpenter, Nate Mohn, Nikki, Jason Gardner, Mark Brullo, Allen K's empty seat (he's taking the pic), Andy (the RSX guest), Chris Reinacher.
Thanks again guys! It was a blast!
Say cheese! .... someone... please


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